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Tantric massage in London has rocketed in popularity in recent years with people who wish to explore the art of tantra; they are reaping the benefits of all round health and well-being. Mind body and Soul.

We here at London Tantric Angels have been offering both in-call and outcall massage therapies all over London for over 12 years. We have an extensive selection of bespoke and private massage parlors all over Central London.

Our therapists training is constantly evolving, they deliver new and innovative Tantric Massage techniques in delicious and carefully scripted combinations of ancient tantric techniques and modern therapeutic massage.

Wondering what “tantric” massage is?
The word “Tantra” is derived from the Sanskrit language and it’s all about harnessing one’s potent sexual energy. Over the years, it has been used as a great tool for personal growth and self-enhancement; tantric massage is the gateway to a profound spiritual journey.  There are many beautiful treatments provided by our therapists at Tantric massage in Central London, offering very intimate and authentic experiences.

What will happen during the massage?

The massage is a wild and intense journey into the senses; it will start with a cleansing ritualized shower, and then move into a sophisticated combination of tantalizing touches. The therapists use a unique and innovative combination of modern techniques, sprinkled with just the right amount of ancient tantric techniques at crucial points.
It is performed whilst you and the therapist are both nude in a safe and trusting environment. She will massage your whole body; you can of course request more attention be paid to specific areas. Whilst doing this she will use her body as well as her hands to massage. This includes warm sensual and intimate body slides; the body slides and intuitive touches of adoration massaging and caressing often evoke your orgasmic energy, causing it to travel up through your body creating orgasmic vibrations. The rising of sexual energy activates the brain to release the pleasure endorphins leading you into realms of blissful and unadulterated pleasure. You will leave feeling balanced and relaxed Mind Body and Soul.

Do I need to bring anything for this massage therapy?

You don’t have to bring anything but a smile; we have everything from towels to moisturizers to body oil.

Do I need some experience in this therapy?

No, you don’t need any prior experience at all, novices are welcome.

Is oil used in this therapy?

In most cases, aromatic, odorless oil is used to massage your body.

Who will massage me?

All our masseuse’s are skilled professionals; they are qualified in massage and highly experienced in the tantric massage arts. We pride ourselves on professionalism and customer satisfaction. After all referral via word of mouth is the best form of advertising and we are proud to say our clients come back again and again to experiences different journeys.

Will I have to be naked all the time?

The very basic concept of this therapy is to lose all your inhibitions. Yes, you will have to get naked, but you won’t feel uncomfortable because our therapists will gently lead you and guide you through all the processes.

You can visit a Tantric Massage Therapist or a Tantra teacher; all our massage therapists are fully trained and skilled intelligent young ladies

How long should I book?

We always suggest a minimum of 1 hour, if your busy diary allows try to indulge your body in this feast of delights for a few hours, this gives you maximum physical and mental benefits. There are so many different journeys to choose from, each offering total balancing to your mind body and soul.


We are members of the International Institute Tantra, the head office is based at Jade Lotus in Australia, this is an International global movement.

If you prefer to go on a deeper journey and learn ‘Tantra as a lifestyle we have some of Europe’s most renowned Tantra Teachers working with us, that can offer you one2one private trainings or courses and workshops.

For Our Tantric Massage services, some are listed below but please as reception for full details on all our therapies and pamper journeys:
Basic Tantric massage that can be fully customized to suit your needs
Body to Body Massage, Nude Massage, Yoni Massage, Four Hand Massage, Nuru Massage.

Why choose us?

London’s Tantric Angels can offer you a range of personalized Tantric massages suited to your purpose. You can choose to have these in-house or at an alternate venue. You will find your professional masseuse is very experienced in the art of Tantra and she will help you to achieve your own specific aims. She is happy to offer guidance and is well versed in the spiritual aspects of Tantra as well as the physical means to achieve your goal.

The atmosphere is relaxing and ambient and is designed to help you achieve the utmost relaxation in the shortest amount of time. Your Angel will start the session with breathing exercises and this will help you to bond and feel relaxed and safe in her presence. She will then help you to undress before the massage can start.

London’s Tantric Angels will use aromatic massage oil, or plain grape seed oil if you require, in the massage to aid the process. Massage oil, helps the hands to flow effortlessly across your body, allowing your Tantric Angel to give you the most energizing and sensual massage you have ever experienced. If you have never had a Tantric massage before, then you are in for a real treat. The masseuse will use a variety of different strokes designed to increased in intensity and guide you to a heightened sense of sexual healing.


London Tantric Angels have a very reasonable pricing structure and are very competitive with other establishments offering similar treatments.

Well, with London’s Tantric Angels, you will always find your massage is an experience of utmost joy and delight and your Tantric Angel will take great steps to ensure you receive everything you need in a relaxing and sensual environment. The massage will open up your senses allowing you to truly feel alive and connected.

Are you ready for the ride into paradise? Contact us today and make a booking!

What is Tantra and What Are Its Benefits?

Tantra is fundamentally a style of spiritual practice developed in South Asia. For many years, Tantra has been the foundation of many spiritual practices that revamps the human body and spirit. It is also the foundation of Tantric massages that are now very popular.

The practice of Tantra itself often pressure points – or trigger points – across the human body in order to produce a relaxing and exciting experience at the same time. Tantric massage has a strong aura of sensuality surrounding it because of the basic principles of Tantra as its foundation, so you will be enjoying the ultimate form of relaxation not only physically but also spiritually; you will experience a subtle set of stimulus, bringing you to a new level of calmness, pleasure, and spiritual awareness altogether.

Aside from increasing your sexual energy, Tantric massage – and Tantra in general – has a number of prominent benefits. One of the many benefits is the relief of pain and negative thoughts; as your progress through a session of Tantric massage, you will be able to overcome depression, eliminate any stress you might be dealing with, and increase confidence while enjoying the ultimate form of physical and spiritual pleasure in the process.

What is the difference between a Tantric Massage Therapist and a Tantra Teacher ?

Our Massage Therapists are trained in the art of sensual massage incorporating into their treatments tantric techniques, they are masseuses and skilled in the art of erotica.

A tantra teacher is someone whose life path is Tantra; they have studied the philosophies and dedicated their lives to following the ancient practices and working on incorporating them into modern day. This can include Tantric Meditation and Yoga, it is a way of life for them. Our teachers have years of experience working and studying the sacred art of Tantra, they follow the spiritual embodiment as well as the physical and are leaders in the ongoing integrating and learning of Tantra in these modern times.

We do not sell sexual services of any kind, all our therapists are self-employed independent practitioners, this is an agency and an advertising portal that the therapists use of their own free will. We simply save them the hassle of advertising and dealing with phones, which leaves them free to do what they are good at. All our in-call locations are owned or rented by the therapists themselves. All our therapists are legally entitled to work in UK and are professionals. All services are private and confidential between you and the therapist, you are paying for their time, it could be an Indian head massage or a full body massage, its about the length of time you choose your treatment to last for, we find this easiest as many therapists are qualified in different areas of holistic therapy. All treatments advertised on this site are for your entertainment to read and information purposes only the London Tantric Angels does not take any responsibility for treatments performed, loss or damage, this is between you and your therapist.


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There you are – in a cosy room, lying on a comfortable table and getting an erotic tantric massage in London. Your senses are yielding to the gentle, flowing but constant strokes that your masseur sensually uses on your body. You are feeling the beauty of that moment and the bliss added to by the […]

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