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The Very Basics of Tantra!
June 20, 2017

The practice of Tantra techniques allows for a series of special positions, exercises and massages to be applied to the art of making love. These in turn allow the participants to experience sex, not just search for genital pleasure, but as a way to Tantric orgasm, ecstasy and ultimately, spiritual sexuality. The practice of tantric […]

The Magic of Tantric Massage
May 5, 2017

Tantric massage is if You search it on Google or read about it in books you would find that it is for partners sharing tantric massage for deeper connections, rich sense of intimacy and unity among themselves. Tantric massage is for healing and pleasure. Tantric or Tantra massage brings sensual healing and balance to body, […]

Healing Power of Tantric Massage
April 5, 2017

In a fast moving world the body and mind goes through stress everyday weather its work related stress , family related stress or even emotional stress. According to the study Doctors nowadays are getting calls related to stress, trauma or tension. However in our culture we have so many prejudices toward medicine healing. Think about […]


There you are – in a cosy room, lying on a comfortable table and getting an erotic tantric massage in London. Your senses are yielding to the gentle, flowing but constant strokes that your masseur sensually uses on your body. You are feeling the beauty of that moment and the bliss added to by the […]