Lingam Massage in London

The word Lingam is often loosely translated to “Wand of Light”, a sacred part of the art of Tantra and the definitive channel of creativity and sexual energy. Lingam massage is a form of Tantric massage designed to make the most out of this principle, offering the ultimate pleasure and a wide array of sensual benefits. Of course, Lingam massage is specifically tailored to be highly enjoyable and soothing at the same time.

Experiencing a session of Lingam massage for the first time may be daunting at first, but the purpose of the session is to provide you with a very unique experience; be sure to keep an open mind as you start the session, and you will be rewarded with the utmost pleasure throughout. As the name suggests, Lingam massage is directed to areas around male genitalia, including testicles, perineum and the external part of the prostate known as the Sacred Spot.

Lingam Massage London

The goal of Lingam massage is not necessarily orgasm, but bearing in mind that the feeling you will get when ejaculating after a session of Lingam massage is 10 times better than that of ordinary sexual intercourse, making it the perfect bonus (and of course one of the many benefits offered by this type of Tantric massage).
The true benefits or goals of Lingam massage, on the other hand, are complete control over your sexual drive, energy and of course ejaculatory mastery. It is one of the best therapies for those who are looking to enhance their sexual capabilities. When done by a professional therapist, the benefits of a Lingam massage extends all the way to the ability to understand one’s sexual needs as well as the ability to reach the same heightened level of orgasm as part of sexual activities.

Lingam massage also brings a number of general benefits. Although the session might seem to be filled with tension at first, a good Lingam massage is actually very relaxing. You can let yourself slip away and give in – both physically and spiritually – and reach that true level of relaxation completely. As a result, your mind will be at ease and you can connect spiritually to the therapist providing you with the necessary stimulus.

Since many nerve endings are located at the tip of the Lingam – and they correspond to other parts of your body – Lingam massage is also very effective as a healing therapy. Many health issues can be solved with regular Lingam massage sessions. You can also improve your blood flow and oxygen level, allowing cells to regenerate faster. At the same time, the presence of more oxygen in your brain makes it very easy to improve your cognitive skills substantially.

The relaxing nature of a Lingam massage also makes it very effective as an anti-stress treatment. Whether you are stressed out because of the problems at work or other issues, enjoying a nice session of Lingam massage can help you take your mind off the stress almost instantly. It is simply amazing how the art of Tantra and this form of Tantric massage can help you overcome many real-life problems just by allowing your brain to think of solutions in a relaxed state.

You don’t have to enjoy Lingam massage alone, because this can also be paired with a Yoni massage for your partner. The experience will truly change the way the two of you connect sensually and spiritually. Many couples that were facing difficulties in solving their issues at home found the combination of Lingam and Yoni massage treatments to be the perfect solution. With both parties giving in to their basic states, a strong spiritual and emotional connection can be established.

On a greater scale, regular Lingam massage sessions allow you to prevent many severe health issues. A severe depression can be easily avoided thanks to the relaxing and exciting experience offered by this type of erotic massage. Touches and massages around the exterior of the Sacred Spot also help reduce the chance of prostate cancer developing. Psychologically, Lingam massage helps many improve their self-esteem and confidence; it is not a secret that sexual capabilities are often taken into considerations when a person is assessing his personal confidence, and Lingam massage greatly improves your sexual energy in order to also boost your confidence substantially.

This is information only about lingam massage and tantra.