Nude Body to Body Massage

London Tantric Angels offers a sensual nude body to body massage, which is a service that many of our clients enjoy on a regular basis. There is a difference between massage by hands alone or massage by the body.

The aim of such a Tantric Massage is to heighten the senses and channel the sexual energy into a peak, where it can be used as a spiritual tool if required. If spirituality is not the aim of your Tantric massage then just enjoy the whole sensual and erotic experience.

Using nude body to body massage allows the body to experience the full range of sensations on offer. The different pressure that is created with the Angel’s body is very stimulating and can take you into another dimension – literally!

Not only is the body used as a massage tool but it also offers a unique energy that is used by the recipient and added to their own energy charging it with a new purpose. Changing the sensations in this way allows you to feel so much more alive and vibrant. Although orgasm is likely to occur after the culminating energy of this erotic massage is reached, note that this is not the sole aim of this kind of Tantric massage.

Nude body massage

Should you get a male or female masseuse?

The whole area of spiritual energy hinges on polar opposites, the yin and yang energies. Each one complements the other. The male energy supports and directs the female energy, whilst the female energy relaxes and recharges the male energy. The two energies combining together make a unique experience that takes you to a state of bliss.

Very often, London’s Tantric Angels are female, as many of our clientele are male. However, we do have experienced and highly trained male masseuses that are happy to take your experience to the next level. Whether you are a female wanting a male masseuse, or you are a male preferring the unique male energy for the Tantric massage, we can accommodate your needs.

When you choose one of the many male or female Angels for your nude body to body massage, you will feel an intense expression of energy that you can use to release blockages to your chi energy or allow it to catapult you into a state of spiritual enlightenment – the likes of which you will not see with any other method of development.
There will be certain boundaries imposed and in order to get the best out of nude body to body massage you will have to adhere to these. This is for your protection and for your Angel’s peace of mind too. After all, you are paying for a service that delivers spiritual direction and erotic massage, not the same kind of service you would expect to find from a lady of the night. Remember your London Angel is a trained masseuse and her art is centered on pleasing and honouring your body.

Getting the best from your nude body to body massage

Many people choose Tantric massage to help them with their sexual life at home. This may be due to inhibitions, low self confidence, or just as a way to gain more experience and prolong their sexual experiences with their partners. London Tantric Angels can offer expert guidance in this and will show you tips and tricks that you can use to prolong sexual excitement for both of you. In fact, learning the art of nude body to body massage is something you can take home and use with your partner, so you can both enjoy the blissful state that this can create.

If you just want to enjoy the experience for yourself, then lie back and relax and enjoy every single sensual stroke, knead and touch that your London Tantric Angel have to offer. Don’t be afraid to say if you dislike something, or conversely like something even more, she will be happy to oblige.

The whole idea of Tantra is about treating your body as a sacred temple and giving it as much pleasure as possible – are you ready to be blown away?