Tantric Massage Central London

There are a whole host of positive physical, emotional and spiritual reasons why you should experience a Tantric massage. If you are in any doubt at all, just look at the list below. It is not comprehensive but just gives a little flavour of what Tantric massage can help with. If you have other issues, ailments, or just want to enjoy the complete feelings of bliss, London’s Tantric Angels can give you them then get in touch and make an appointment. This is one decision you won’t regret!

Positive benefits of Tantric massage include:

tantric massage

  • Alleviate and removes stress
  • Diminishes anxiety and the causes of anxiety
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Removes headaches and helps decrease migraines and the after effects
  • Eradicates sleep difficulties, improves sleep patterns and insomnia
  • It can help with issues of fertility as it promotes relaxation
  • Increases blood flow to genital areas, helping to gain and maintain an erection
  • Helps remove issues around premature ejaculation
  • Prostate gland massage minimizes the chance of prostate cancer developing
  • Increases libido in men and women
  • Helps to take away sexual problems or sexual inhibitions
  • Increases assurance in sexual relationships
  • Raises self-esteem and confidence in self and abilities
  • Instills a calm frame of mind that can be maintained
  • Improves digestion in stomach and circulation in general
  • Releases pent-up emotion and sexual tension
  • Completely relaxes the body and gives a glow of emotional content
  • Increases spiritual awareness and allows psychic progression
  • Aromatic oils soften skin and help reduce flaking or dry skin conditions
  • Regular massage can help psoriasis or other skin complaints
  • Encourages self awareness which leads to more confidence and self expression
  • Relaxes muscle groups and removes knots
  • Improves sexual performance and sensitivity
  • Teaches about reverence and respect of the human body
  • Gives a physical touch and helps a person to feel nurtured
  • Creates trust and rapport
  • Increase in blood circulation gives clearer thinking and enhances problem-solving skills
  • Helps minimize pain
  • Repairs trust issues
  • Allows orgasm in a safe and professional environment
  • Gives a sense of intense pleasure
  • Increases your attention to all parts of the body and mind
  • Teaches the benefits of correct breathing
  • Allows you to explore thoughts and feelings and release old behaviour patterns

That is a long list of benefits, so what about the negative aspects of Tantric massage? That is much more difficult as there is very little that it can’t help with. Clearly, if you find yourself at the hands of an inexperienced masseuse who knows little about the body and the workings of the body, then there is the potential for the actual massage to cause damage to an area that is already injured.

One such example is if you have an allergy or a skin complaint that is apt to flare up if certain oils or fragrances are applied. Your masseuse will discuss any conditions or allergies with you and will endeavour to get a full picture of your health and ailments, if applicable.

A further example is the prostate massage. This is a very specialized massage and needs to be handled in a very delicate manner and if you have this kind of massage with someone who does not understand the potential damage that can be caused, then this can be an issue. However, at London’s Tantric Angels, this cannot happen as all masseuses are highly trained professionals, specifically chosen for their attention to detail and knowledge and use of Tantra in their massage. Their touch is light and erotic; they concentrate on stimulating your senses in a pleasurable way that enhances your physical experiences.

London’s Tantric Angels are not only highly experienced in their art, but they are also breathtakingly beautiful too. Their pleasing nature allows you to experience the very best massage in the best possible hands in the most ambient atmosphere conducive to a superbly uplifting and energizing experience. Everything is geared towards making this experience everything you expect and more. The prices are very competitive and discounts and special offers are applicable for certain sessions.

All you need to do is relax and let their hands do their magic!

A Closer Look Into Tantric Massage

Tantric massage doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, but it does have a strong aura of sensuality surrounding the practice. For many years, This type of massage has been known as the ultimate way of relieving stress and dealing with depression. It is also an effective way to increase your sexual energy through a series of touches and stimulations.

Tantric massage is not a deep-tissue massage; the stimulus given throughout a session are soft and relaxing instead of firm, allowing you to enjoy the process even when you are relatively sensitive to other type of massages. The therapist’s hands are used to slide through your body and create different sensations at an superbly high level; the pleasure and excitement you will experience through Tantric massage is unlike any you have experienced before.
A form of Tantra massage known as the body-to-body massage provides an even greater stimulus to enjoy. Instead of using the hands, your therapist will apply massage oil on your body before giving a series of sensational stimulations using her own body. The result is truly spectacular; it one of the best forms of massages that can help you deal with even the most severe stress and pain as well as increase your sexual energy substantially.

As a way of healing both your physical being and your spirit, Tantric massage brings a wide array of benefits. The entire process is very enjoyable, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ultimate pleasure Tantric massage brings. The heightened state of relaxation also enables your brain to function optimally even after the session ends; the improved cognitive capabilities will help you tackle any issue you might find difficult to deal with before.
Trigger points associated with the Tantric massage are not only sensual but also help with your blood flow. When pressures are applied to these points, your blood pressure will be lowered and better blood flow will be made possible. Your heart rate will also be lowered during the process; this is all part of the relaxing effect Tantric massage brings.

Are you facing difficulties in performing sexually? The strong sensual aura of Tantric massage and the overall benefits this form of relaxation brings are among the many reasons why Tantric massage is perfect for you. As the session progresses, you will feel your sexual energy being recharged gradually. Touches and stimulus given by the therapist increase spiritual bonds between the two of you and brings many great effects sexually.

Bear in mind that the massage oils used are also designed to produce many beneficial effects. They can help improve your skin’s sensitivity and firmness, exfoliate dead skin cells, and bring many other positive effects while you enjoy a soothing session of sensual massage. Massage oils are also designed to have an equally soothing set of aromas to make the session much more enjoyable and relaxing, you can choose from different types of massage oils available to achieve the desired results you are after.