Which Massage Parlour in London?

Which London Massage Parlour should you choose and why ?

I recently spent 4 days in UK for work. Though I had been to London on business trips a couple times before, I had never managed to fit much entertainment or sight-seeing in my schedule let alone such an adventure as visiting a massage parlour in London. This time, as my meetings were to be spread over a few days, I decided I’d make the best of it and see what the British Capital had to offer. I wanted to taste typical London food, have a pint at the pubs movies acclaimed so much, and most importantly, I wanted to discover its secrets.

Being quite the lover of art, I figured visiting a gallery would be a lovely thing to do on my own. I presumed I’d have absolute freedom to ponder on certain pieces, paintings or photographs, and I anticipated seeing some of the world-renowned pictures the Barbican Art Gallery displayed. With its modern design, charming terraces lined with fountains, the gallery was enthralling on its own. The paintings held within were a pleasure to behold. However, after only an hour, I found myself wishing I had planned something else for the afternoon. I wandered past the same painting a couple of times before deciding to head to a local pub, have a couple drinks, and head back to my hotel in central London.

Its location enabled me to have easy access to the entire city; I just needed to find the activity that would be relaxing, easy to plan, and somewhat fulfilling. At the reception of the hotel, I was advised to try the establishment’s spa. However, having never been into pampering myself, I declined. It was on my way up to my room however that I realised what I did need was an intrinsic body treatment, a massage before my final crucial meeting – to appease my stress and stimulate my mind. I needed to find a massage parlour close to me.

Upon looking through the internet, I found the website of a Tantric Temple that seemed to offer a form of massage I had never come across before, Tantric Massage, which promised to be of such intensity and delight to the senses, my attention was grasped. whichmassageparlour

I found a number to contact. Upon calling, an eloquent receptionist by the name of Taylor told me more about the tantric massages and the science that made them so pleasurable. She carefully took note of all my preferences, down to demands about the temperature of the water I wished to be served and the oils I didn’t want used, and booked me an appointment for the next day. Having been faced with such care already, I could hardly wait.

The therapist I was directed to had her own private boudoir style massage parlour in the very heart of Central London. A lovely lady, she had a gentleness and radiance about her that made me confident about her ability to bring out the most warm, vibrant energy out of me through her art. The boudoir parlour was decorated in a manner both teasing to the senses, and tasteful in its simplicity. Aromas of exotic incense floated through the air, and I bathed a feeling of harmony and serenity even before my therapist started sliding her hands on me. When she did, the level of pressure she used was incredibly fluid; alternating between strength and softness, she paid extreme attention to my reactions, knowing which pressure points to touch, which areas to alternate motion on to. The experience was fulfilling beyond bodily pleasure. It was sensual in a manner I believed to be almost spiritual. As my senses latched on to every ounce of pleasure provided, a feeling of warmth, belonging and peace flowed through me, settling in my insides, snuggling against my soul. The experience, though shared with my therapist, felt incredibly intimate. I was one with my senses, and the ecstasy of it all made me feel one with my spirit. A form of communion with both human touch and nature, I felt fulfilled.

After being treated to this magnificent tantric massage, my therapist told me more about its origins and the skills it required to be performed.
Our chat ended in a promise I would be back, hopefully on vacation on my next time in London, and with a couple friends I wished to experience tantric art. Having not expected to have such a lovely time, I was adamant the London Tantric Angels was one of London’s best kept secrets, and definitely the best among London massage parlours. Regardless of interests, occupations or expectations, the experience satisfies beyond anything else I know to be available in the city.